Thursday, September 28, 2006


Yup, I finally have some!

So, firstly, I've finished school. Well, the learning part. I come back to do my scary hard exams in a few weeks, and until then I'm expected to study 7-8 hours a day. FUN! But as part of the graduation rituals, we have a "muck up day" where we go crazy, followed by a breakfast the ext day just for year 12s where we watch the special yr 12 video and then a formal assembly where everyone cries and snots on each other. Then, we get our yearbooks and snot some more. We had that today! I took over 300 photos of it all in the past few days, and the good ones are posted at:

Also, after leaving the assembly, we had this freak dust storm, don't know if it's been on your news over there. But the entire of the city was swarming with crazy debris, and I got this thing lodged in my nose. Hope it's not infected...


Blogger Bruce Barkelew said...

I heard about that dust storm! See my blog for a photo of someone that was out in it much longer that you were...

September 28, 2006 10:27 pm  

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