Sunday, March 18, 2007


You guys asked for pictures of my partay. I didn't take many, but here are a few:

my excellent birthday cake. thank you, mum!

the toxic fumes from the weird-ass candles on my cake.

me making a rather unattractive face. i'm not sure why, but it may have been because of the candle fumes. or maybe my cleavage was itchy.

people at my later party in the night.

canned smoked rigasprats. basically el cheapo canned, non-descript fish carla got me for my birthday. not sure if she was making a canned fish joke or just wanted to make sure i didn't starve at college. probably both.

enjoy. send the love in the form of comments.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

happy birthday to me!

as of today, i am 18. i can drink, smoke, buy porn and vote. toot toot.

lesbo wanted to know what classes I have. i'm doing Spanish beginners, psych 101, sociology 101, and english: fiction, film and power. i've had a lecture in everythign except english, which i have at 12 today. that's the only class i have on wednesday, which works well for me because i'm going straight from there to home (rose st) to prepare for my birthday soiree, with friends from highschool. then i'm going to dinner and partaying. should be good!

thank you papa for the card and cheque!

talk to you all soon,

xxx the legal one.