Monday, August 20, 2007

Okay kids...

I'm updating and you all better, too!

After my very eventful trip in the US, I jetted back to Sydney (way too soon for my liking, I might add). Then I bummed around college with basically no one here for like a week before school started up. But alas, then the bimbos returned and college returned to its suckiness.

The first few weeks of uni have been pretty busy. I have a test today, an assignment due tomorrow and an essay due soon, but none of it's too bad. Even though it's been busy, it hasn't really been busy with interesting things, so I don't have much news. Except that I got braces. Yes, BRACES. They're not actually that bad- I've relearned smiling and talking and am back on the road to eating solids (I wasn't eating beyond the realm of mush for the first few days). Also, they're clear on the top so apparently aren't that noticeable. Except, clever me, I ate a bright yellow curry (as in highlighter yellow) on the first day because it was tofu and I wouldn't have to chew much because I was in pain, and guess what happened to my "clear" bands? Yeah, now they're highlighter yellow. And I'll have to suffer with this for another 5 weeks till they're changed. It's not really noticeable, it just makes my teeth look not as white from a distance. I can't really do anything but laugh.

So, yeah, that's about it. I hope you guys are all good. UPDATE YOUR BLOGS!

xx C


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