Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Embryo Grows...

My little blog embryo is developing its little self... I thought it was time for an update (especially since I've attempted to lure Kelka fans to my humble little rant)....

SO! What's new....

1. I got my hair cut! After like 5 insults about my hair and how it looks so much better long. Puh! Screw you guys! It's looking hotttt.. Except for the tiny shards of hair cuttings that are still all over me, and somehow manage to fall in my mouth... A shower is in order

2. I performed a crapload of (really bad) titrations in preparation for my chem quiz next week. EEEK.

3. My english teacher officially came out to my class. We then discussed how very gay my school is: 1 in 3 of my teachers is gay; as for my friend Jess, 6 of her 7 teachers are gay.

4. I bought the nastiest rice chips today. Ehhhh... It's like little tiny MSG-covered satans are stabbing my tastebuds.

5. I learnt about Pop Rocks. (!!!!)

6. I finished my evil-ass assessment on King Lear... How I did I am yet to discover, but what's important is IT'S OVER!

In conclusion, my life is VERY dull. Yeh, that's pretty much all I can think of... I'll TRY to write again soon....

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hello Mignons!

HELLLOOOOOO everyone! (That is, the Barkelew side of my family).

Because I'm so busy and you all make me feel guilty for not emailing often enough, I've decided to start this online rant so that you guys will know I'm alive, well, and don't hate you.

So, what's new...

Year 12 is busy as all hell. Essentially, I have to get a certain mark through all the work I do this year in order to get into the course I want at Uni. In NSW the system is very competitive and scary, and since I go to a private school it's all full on and whatnot. So this week I have 3 assessments in maths, IPT and drama. It just never ends!!!

Well, that's all for now, I'm gonna do some formatting. Trying to change the god awful picture dad put of me on my profile. Cheerio!


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